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THINK BIG, DO BIG and DO IT WELL! January 3, 2008

As a company, MJS Strategies Ltd has been practicing political strategy for a few years. However, due to the world changing through new advance technologies, we found that there are new untapped resources that needs to link both business and governmental activities.

It is therefore the vision of our CEO, Michelle J. Santos to expand the company and make it more agile to the changes. She sees that there are industries that are lagging behind because new technologies are always evolving. Our company┬┤s name has never been more appropriate to the changing times: MJS Strategies.

Our new mantra: THINK BIG, DO BIG and DO IT WELL!

Per July 2007, MJS Strategies Limited added diverse services and has three core service divisions to keep up with the demanding digital era:

Our strategy consulting services are the following (but not limited to):

* Management and Leadership
* Brand Management and Marketing
* Public Relations
* Public and International Affairs
* Political Campaign Management
* New Media Strategy (Online and Mobile)
* International Intelligence

Our Business Services (but not limited to):
* Web/WAP Design and development
* Mobile value added services
* UI/UX design
* Animation
* E-Learning
* Multimedia

Our upcoming brands/products:

* Blu:kastr – digital proximity marketing software
* iCampaign.tv
* Mikala.tv
* Myfestivents

We have connections in almost every country in the world and no problem is too big or too small for our team of experts. Our experts have at least 20-25 years have handled discreet projects for celebrities, European royalty, corporate CEOs, and wealthy jet setters just to name a few. We got a low key group and tend to operate in the background when it comes to this segment of our company, whether it is an International situation or a client with an emergency financial issue. All transactions are handled discreetly and confidentially.


NEW ISSUE and SEASONED Medium Term Notes and Bank Guarantees.

COMMODITIES. We broker buy/sell select transactions only.

RESEARCHER AND FINDER: Worldwide In-depth Research and Locating.

DISCREET NEGOTIATIONS: Expert negotiations. Any problem. Anywhere. With anyone.

DISCREET REPRESENTATION: We help you to remain anonymous in that special situation.

UNIQUE BUSINESS SERVICES: In an uncertain world, you may have a unique business need and we have the methods and professionals to get the job done.

PROFESSIONAL LIAISON: Let us be the go-between in those special and frustrating situations.

INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGENCE and FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Please inquire for more details.

As we move along 2008, we hope to release a handful of start up brands under our company as well as launching our Exclusive Global Executive Club, Speakers Bureau and MJS Leaders Institute. So stay tuned.

While a lot of our services are geared towards established organizations, we are also going to make room for start ups and entrepreneurs who are in need of our assistance. We will offer affordable design and development as well as incubation in exchange for equity.

We view the world with no boundaries and therefore the awesome surprise and changes that are in store for us is that we have managed to utilize the virtual world to do our business. We feel that since we are preaching new media, we need to walk the talk. So brace yourself, as the new MJS Strategies Limited, while still a baby in this venture, we have strategically formed a global mindset company that is able to be everywhere and one place at the same time. Our consultants and developers can be found in literally all the different continents. With that in mind, we can help you to expand your business anywhere in the world.

We are very excited to let everyone know, that we are launching our first product soon. So we hope that you subscribe to us and feel free to share your ideas and comments.

Feel at home.